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We build the brand“” since 2014. With powerful R&D in vein authentication and technology advantage, we insist on pursuing the perfect combination of innovation and customer experience based on market orientation and customer requirement. We will provide customized security solutions for various applications in mobile payment, cards free membership management etc to achieve our ultimate goal: “Global Security within one finger”.

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Finger vein authentication is the leading biometric identification technology that uses images of finger vein patterns captured by penetrating the finger with near infra-red (NIR) rays to verify an individual’s identity. Blood in finger veins absorbs a frequency of NIR and comes up with a sharp digitized image of the finger vein pattern , then apply proper algorithm to analyze, process and compare, to identify the user accurately. this is one of the world’s most advanced authentication technologies.

Features of Finger Vein Authentication

  • 1. Internal feature of human body, unable to falsify

    As finger vein patterns are under the hypodermis as internal feature

  • 2. Super recognition speed with accuracy

    Speedy accurate identification within 1 second

  • 3. Confidently Reliable to Living authentications

    Living authentication, impossible to duplicate, highly secured

  • 4. Highly Stable authentication

    Regardless of finger surface conditions even with moisture, dirt or molt on the surface of the skin also has no effect on the accuracy of vein pattern authentication.


  • Membership Management System

  • Access Control System

  • Smart Door Lock

  • Medical Security System

  • Education Examination System

  • Biometric Encryption

  • ATM Application

  • Payment Verification


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