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Guangzhou Science & Technology University Invites MYTIME Chairman Katie Xie to Make Speech

On December 26th, the academicians of the British Entrepreneur Academy Ms Katie Tse, Liu Haowen, Wang Haojie, Victor, Wu Rizhen, Zhang Zhennan, Liu Liyuan and other teachers were invited to be our famous lecturers. On how to do a good job in life planning, I shared with my classmates the history behind the success.
▲How to do a good life planning sharing session

Ms. Katie Tse, academician of the British Entrepreneur College and EMBA of Taiwan University of Science and Technology, has won the most innovative science and technology award in China, the top ten leaders of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District. She is the founder of MYTIME finger vein technology brand, Mytime Technology Holdings Limited. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vice President of Green Future Foundation, Vice President of Asia Pacific Outstanding Women’s Federation, Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Women’s Chamber of Commerce, President and Vice Chairman of Qianhai President’s Club, Executive Vice President of APEC Investment and Financing Cooperation Alliance, China Vice Chairman of the Cooperation Center of the International Economic and Technical Cooperation Association. Academician Katie Tse shared his own growth process with nearly 300 students present and offered valuable opinions for the students. She said: “There must be clear goals at every stage of life, and we must continue to accumulate ourselves to be more excellent and eager to learn. Not afraid of losing money, and moving forward, gradually realize the goals and dreams of each stage.”
Honorable Hong Kong Outstanding Person in 2018, Friends of Hong Kong (Public Welfare), Vice Chairman of Wong Tai Sin Committee, Member of the CPPCC of Guangdong Province, Honorary Citizen of Sihui City, Guangdong Province, Chairman of Yan Yan Fengshui Metaphysics Center, Taiyuan Miaofotang Charity Group Founding Chairman, Chairman of the China-Foreign Zhou Jiayan Museum Dragon and Lion Dance Club, President of the Chinese and Foreign Zhoutian National Arts Association, Honorary President of the Chaozhou Guild Hall of the United States, Master of Business Administration of Sichuan Union University, Vice President of the Xiangdao Lions Club Mr. Wu Rizhen, an advisor to the editorial board of the Chinese magazine today, and an honorary academician of the British Entrepreneurship Institute, started from the Chinese traditional culture and proposed to be patriotic and love Chinese culture.
Liu Haowen, graduated from the London School of Economics, and later qualified as an academician of the British Entrepreneurship Institute SB.P., Ph.D. in Economics, London School of Economics, Fellow of the British Entrepreneurship Institute, Associate Dean of the International Institute for Enterprise Strategy, Baptist Lecturer in Economics of University Refresher Course, Senior Educator, Principal Lecturer, Enterprise Development Research Center of Hong Kong Federation of Industry and Commerce, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, Yiyang City, Hunan Province, Vice President, Consultant of Western Australia Exporters Association. He proposed that life must have goals and ideals, and that self-generated ability and value are more important than birth.
Wang Haojie, Kelvin H.K. Wang, has been educated from Malaysia to Singapore since she was a child. After completing the Singapore Department of Science and Engineering Chemistry, she continued to graduate from the Cambridge Department of Chemical Engineering in the UK. She has just qualified as a Fellow of the British Entrepreneurship Institute in Manchester. Teacher Wang recalled the story of his own reading, confidence, circle and adversity. Success is more valuable after going through adversity and taking his own path.
Jilin College of Art, actor, academician of the British Entrepreneur College, Liu Liyuan, she puts forward the hardships to achieve her own life, to show herself in sufficient platform and sufficient ability, always insist on learning, and thank all the experiences and experiences of life.
Founder of Wavipan Group, graduate student of the Presidential School of Management of the Republic of Belarus, Information Resources and Communication Center: Business Project Manager, Belarus Global Commodity Exchange: Asian Country Analyst, School of Private Education “Law School”: Senior Teacher – Reader’s Lecture Course “Modern Commodities, Currency and Stock Exchanges”, National University of Belarus: School of Economics – Diploma theme “Investment activities of the Open-stock Company of the Republic of Belarus”, Cambridge ESOL: First Certificate in English, in five languages: Belarusian, Russian , English, Chinese and Polish, Victory Fellow of the British Entrepreneurship Academy, shared his life experience after coming to China. The most important thing for success is his ability, communication and cooperation. He also needs to understand what he wants and his goals. What is it.
The academicians of the Entrepreneur Academy shared the experience behind the success for the students present, and made suggestions for the students to do a good job in life planning. The atmosphere was lively and the lecture was ended in the interaction.After the sharing meeting, the students were still unfinished. The stars and the scholars of Xie Yingyi asked for a group photo. The academician Xie shared the journey from entrepreneurship to enterprise development and discussed the application and future of finger vein technology with the students. Finally, she encourages students to study hard and innovate, to make their own contribution to the future, and to become the pillar of society!
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