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A Step-stone of MYTIME: China National High-Tech Enterprise Awarded

At the beginning of the new year, Mytime Technology ushered in the great news: the company successfully passed the national high-tech enterprise certification jointly organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation, and was officially awarded the “High-tech Enterprise Certificate” ( Certificate number: GR201844201520), which means that the company officially entered the ranks of national high-tech enterprises. It marks that Mytime Technology has officially become the leader of the finger vein living identification industry, and reflects the company’s high recognition in terms of technological innovation and technology application. It is a strong proof of the company’s strength.

According to the relevant provisions of the State “High-tech Enterprise Certification Management Measures” and “High-tech Enterprise Certification Management Work Guidelines”, the company has applied for strict review procedures such as the company’s application, preliminary review by authoritative departments, multiple rounds of expert review by various ministries, and publicity by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Pulse Technology has stood out among many biotechnology applicants and has been awarded the “National High-Tech Enterprise” certificate.

This successful selection of “National High-Tech Enterprises” is a high-level recognition of the state-level authorities in the field of finger veins, and is the ability to transform and research and develop a number of intellectual property rights of the company’s finger vein technology. A centralized review and recognition of the organizational management level, application products and technical content of the solution also means that the company will receive strong support in future project bidding and policy levels.

How powerful is the “national high-tech enterprise”?
“National high-tech enterprises” refers to the continuous research and development and transformation of technological achievements in the high-tech fields supported by the state, forming core intellectual property rights of enterprises, and carrying out business activities based on this, transforming major high-tech achievements. The technical level of productivity is a leading domestic or internationally advanced enterprise. The title of national high-tech enterprise is another high milestone achieved by Mytime in the level of technology research and development and the transformation of technological achievements.
Mytime Introduction
Mytime is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and solution research and development of finger vein vital identity authentication technology and application products. After more than five years of technical accumulation and market precipitation, the company has obtained more than 20 national patents and a number of soft works, and a number of innovations are being declared.

The company is currently the finger vein technology supplier with the highest technology maturity, the strongest stability, the smallest module size, the most abundant application series and the most diversified solutions in the vein industry. The products have been successfully applied in the fields of high security needs such as international airports, central enterprises, listed companies and commercial banks. In the future, the company will strive to bring more secure products and solutions to smart cities, smart transportation, smart buildings, smart security campuses, financial technology innovation, mobile payment security, and convenient cardless applications. Life, benefit the people, influence the world with famous Chinese brands!

Mytime Technology Future Outlook

Ms. Katie, the founder and chairman of Mytime, said that the assessment of the state-level high-tech enterprises is a great recognition and encouragement from the national, provincial and municipal science and technology and taxation departments for the technological innovation of the company. Mytime will take this opportunity to continue to introduce high-quality talent team, further strengthen the company’s technological innovation capability and the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, enrich the stamina of enterprise innovation and development, and provide enterprises with stable and sustainable competitiveness guarantee and strong technology. Support, and strive to lead the biometrics industry, especially the vein identification industry to achieve leap-forward development, so that “one finger safe new life” will be realized soon!


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