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Good News in May | MYTIME® Welcomes new EU partner

On May 1st, 2019, Mytime Technology Holdings Limited welcomed the new members of our authorized distributor . After several months of negotiations, the famous industrial equipment suppliers from the important member countries of the European Union – Germany officially signed a contract to become the cooperation of the region. Partner, responsible for the landing, promotion and operation of the MYTIME® brand finger vein products and solutions in the German market.

Ms. Katie, Chairman of Mytime Technology Holdings Limited, issued a power of attorney to the German representative.

As we all know, German brands and products enjoy high reputation in the world. In addition to the perfection and high quality of the products themselves, a large number of international influences such as “Bosch”, “Siemens”, “Benz” and “Volkswagen” have been born as well as German multinational group. The MYTIME® brand has successfully entered the German market and has been a strong testament to the fact that the company’s strength and product competitiveness.

The EU market, especially Germany, has strict requirements and standards for brands and products entering the local market. This time, the German partner took a fancy to the huge potential of the finger vein market and the excellent development and quality control capabilities of the company, as well as the international influence of the MYTIME® brand. After several rounds of negotiations, the two sides reached a long-term friendly relationship. Cooperation, and jointly cultivate the finger vein market, so that the company’s ⌡Global Security within one Finger⌡ is well-known in Europe.

With its partners, the company will start with the German market and let MYTIME®’s finger vein products serve the European market, bringing a safer and more convenient smart living experience to local users.
MYTIME® is a Chinese band and will definitely be a global brand in the future!

Mytime Technology Holdings Limited is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and solution research and development of finger vein vital identity authentication technology and application products. After more than five years of technical accumulation and market precipitation, the company has obtained more than 20 national patents and soft-skins. It is currently the most mature technology in the vein industry, with the strongest stability, the smallest module size, and the most abundant application product series. The most diversified supplier of finger vein technology solutions. The products have been successfully applied in the fields of high security needs such as international airports, central enterprises, listed companies and commercial banks. In the future, the company will strive to bring higher security and intelligent products and solutions in the fields of smart city, smart transportation, smart buildings, smart security campus, financial technology innovation, mobile payment security, convenient cardless applications, etc., so that “one finger is safe” Popularize life, benefit the people, and influence the world as a famous Chinese brand!




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