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MYTIME refers to the intravenous products of Hong Kong Sightseeing Cruises, officially opening a new chapter in the safety of the transportation industry

On July 20th, 2017, MYTIME’s finger vein high security wisdom access control and finger vein high security door lock official service Hong Kong ViG Sightseeing Cruise Line Company, the company headquarters and Veltinis “Widis” sightseeing cruises are used in the vein technology The products are well received by the company’s employees as well as tourists!

“Widis” offers the most convenient cruise service, offering guests a high level of accommodation, equipment and entertainment for boarding guests, as well as entertainment facilities including night clubs, KTV, sauna, massage, BBQ bar and more. It can be seen that safety has undoubtedly become the top priority of ViG Cruises, and the company’s finger vein high-safety series products can be screened through layers, and finally won the high recognition of Hong Kong ViG Cruises, and has been adhering to the company. The development philosophy of “one finger to the safe world” is closely related.

In this era of rapid development, identity security and information security are becoming more and more important in everyone’s daily life. MYTIME will make great efforts, forge ahead, and constantly innovate, and strive to create better quality finger vein safety products and solutions for various industries. Only by making consumers safe and convenient, enterprises can win consumers in fierce competition. Favor. “Seeing the taste in the details, showing extraordinary in the subtlety” is not a slogan, but the deep-rooted principle of every member of the company. “One finger is safe in the world” is also the dream of every person in the heart!

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