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MYTIME Technology won the 3rd Asian Brand Awards

The fruit is fragrant in September. On September 9th, the “12th Asian Brand Festival” co-sponsored by Asia Brand Network, Hong Kong Dagong Wenhui Media Group, the China Asian Economic Development Association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the International Business Daily of the Ministry of Commerce was held in Hong Kong. Mytime Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. was invited as the winner to attend the ceremony.

In the past 12 years, as the annual feast of Asian brands, the Asian brand festival has already had an important impact in Asia and the world, attracting well-known brand companies and brand leaders from all countries and regions in Asia to participate, and is known as the Asian brand year. Oscar”. The Asian brand festival has become a flag to highlight Asian brands!

The “Top 500 Asian Brands” list has been published every year since 2006. After more than ten years of efforts, more and more Asian companies have recognized the predictive and guiding value of the list, as well as its influence, authority and credibility. The “Asian Top 500 Brands” list released every year has become an important reference for Asian brand companies to understand their own business development, brand value and industry-to-region comparisons, which has attracted widespread attention from global business leaders, brand experts and research institutions. The “Top 500 Brands” list has earned the reputation of “Asian Brand Value First List”.

In the same period, the festival held a selection of 7 major awards for brands and characters, and commended outstanding companies and representatives from various industries. With its high-quality brand image, excellent product performance and high-level management team, MYTIME Technology stands out from the field of innovation and technology through the selection and assessment of the organizers and expert judges, and finally becomes a strong finalist in the Top 500 Asian brands. At the same time, the Asian brand magazine published the company introduction of MYTIME. At the same time, MYTIME won the “Top Ten Leading Brands in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and Dawan District” and the “Top 100 Brands in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau”, and Chairman Katie Tse Won the individual award of “20 New Brand Leaders in Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao”, and even more congratulated with many well-known listed companies such as Tencent, Country Garden and Zhongxing.

Previously, Mytime Technology has won a number of authoritative awards such as “2017 Hong Kong Most Popular Brand Award” and “2016 China Innovation and Technology Award”. With its innovative and safe finger vein recognition technology, fast and stable business response mechanism, strong professional technical team, effective implementation and quality control system, Mytime Technology has won unanimous recognition from the industry and won the trust of customers. And widely praised. The acquisition of the three authoritative awards is a reaffirmation and recognition of the leadership, service quality and professional competence of the company. It is also a high recognition of the leading position of the company in the field of innovation and technology. To the name!



The company’s achievements today are the result of the correct guidance and wise decision-making by the founder of the company, Katie Tse. It is also the result of the hard work and cooperation of all staff of the company. Honor is not only the recognition of Timai Technology, but also the spur of MYTIME. It makes the staff of MYTIME not forget the original intention in the future, and always insists on “trying to create a high security benefiting all the innovative products of vein certification. The brand concept of the era. The future lies in grasping. We firmly believe that the pursuit of quality products and safe living is not only a desire, but also a process of hard work and perfection. All the colleagues of MYTIME will be more full of enthusiasm and more high-spirited fighting spirit. Dedicated to serving the majority of users, to make the greatest contribution to the goal of “one finger to safely travel the world”!

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