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Breaking News | MYTIME Brand value of RMB 4.8 – 8.9 billion


Chairman of the company, Ms Katie Tse, the founder of the company (third from right), on behalf of the company, took the stage to receive the award.

The 12th Asian Brand Festival, co-sponsored by Asia Brand Network, Hong Kong Dagong Wenhui Media Group, the China Asia Economic Development Association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Business Daily, was held in Hong Kong on September 9. The “2017 Asian Brand Value 500”, which is hailed as the No. 1 list of Asian brand values, was grandly announced at the ceremony. With its innovative and safe finger vein living identification technology, strong market share and good brand reputation, Mytime Technology Holdings Limited. was listed as “Top 100 Brands in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Dawan District” with a brand value of 4.889 billion yuan. “, ranked 94th, has become a leader in the field of innovation and technology, once again showing strong brand strength to all walks of life.

As the annual “Oscar” in the Asian brand world, it has been successfully held for 12 times so far, serving more than 5,000 well-known Asian companies. It has received more than 3 million continuous reports from all over the world, helping nearly 6,000 brands to spread the world. More than 18,000 attendees and people from all walks of life have witnessed the growth history of nearly 1,000 brands with a value of more than 500 million. An important bridge to the world.




Chairman Katie Tse on behalf of the company took the stage to receive the award

According to relevant reports, the total output value of China’s lock industry is more than 60 billion yuan, of which the total output value of the smart door lock industry will exceed 6 billion yuan in 2017. At present, the popular smart door lock, the fingerprint lock, the fingerprint is latched in the recognition obstacle, such as the dry and wet state of the finger, the wear and tear, and the fingerprint identification has the potential unsafeness to be copied. With the rapid development of technology, fingerprint locks can no longer meet the user’s need for security. The time for updating and replacement has come. The finger vein lock is a high-security spokesperson. Its advantages of being non-replicable and not being affected by external factors will also be Replace the necessities of the fingerprint lock.


Brand 100 Award Certificate

As a leader in finger vein recognition technology, MYTIME has been researching and developing a series of high-safety finger vein products. The products have been widely used in various industries, including Hong Kong International Airport, Midland Realty, Yancheng Rural Commercial Bank. Wait. The award is once again recognized by the authoritative experts on the strength of Mytime Technology. The brand value of 4.89 billion is second only to Tianhong. It marks the industry’s high recognition of Mytime Technology and fully demonstrates the brand awareness and influence of Mytime Technology. With further development, Mytime Technology is committed to becoming the world’s leading leader in finger vein technology with the vision of “Efforts to create a high-security era in which all people benefit from innovative products for vein certification”. In the future, it will continue to contribute value in the field of innovation and technology. “One finger safely in the world” as the goal, let the finger vein series products spread to the lives of every user in the world, creating a truly high security era!

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